Jackson Mahomes Pleads “No Contest” In Battery Case, Sentenced To 6 Months Probation

Jackson Mahomes

While NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes can’t stop winning Super Bowls, the rest of his family can’t stop having brushes with the law.

Shortly before this year’s Super Bowl, Mahomes’ father was arrested for his third DWI. If convicted, the former MLB player and father of Patrick Mahomes (Patrick Mahomes Sr.) could face two to ten years in prison.

And everyone’s least favorite example of nepotism, Jackson Mahomes, appeared for sentencing earlier today and pled guilty to a count of battery. This misdemeanor charge stems from an incident that took place in February of 2023, when Jackson assaulted a woman inside of a Kansas restaurant.

The battery charge is apparently connected to an incident that occurred on the same night, when Jackson is said to have pushed a waitress who tried to enter into the room where he was with the restaurant owner.

Around two months ago, the more serious charges (three felony charges for aggravated sexual battery) Jackson Mahomes was facing were dropped after the victim of the attack failed to cooperate.

The woman that brought the accusations to Jackson later refused to testify in the case against him, citing that she had been harassed and received death threats following the incident. She was even forced to close her restaurant, the one she was allegedly assaulted in by Mahomes, late last year.

Jackson Mahomes has been noticeably quieter (and that’s saying something) since he was charged. Besides a couple of appearances during his brother’s run to the Super Bowl, and when he posted his $100,000 bail, the TikToker has toned down a lot of his presence online.

That’s likely because he faced some backlash online as well, and rightfully so. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a lot of people dislike Jackson Mahomes, and a number of people weren’t happy to see that he was “getting off easy” with this probation sentencing.

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