Jackson Mahomes’ Accuser Forced To Shut Down Restaurant After Vandalism, Significant Losses

Jackson Mahomes

The never ending saga of Jackson Mahomes drags on.

For those who don’t know (and consider yourself lucky to be unaware at this point), Jackson is the brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He’s used his brother’s fame to create a huge online following, particularly on Tik Tok, where he post not just the cringiest videos imaginable, but also some that are downright disrespectful.

There’s the dance on Sean Taylor’s memorial, drowning his “sorrows” by grinding on a mechanical bull, the clip of him pouring water on Raven’s fans, and honestly way too many to even point out. The kid is just downright annoying.

But much worse than hard to watch online videos is his latest bout of legal trouble.

In late February of this year, Jackson was accused of assaulting a waiter and owner of a restaurant in the Kansas City area.

According to KCTV 5, the 22 year old was charged with three felony accounts of aggravated sexual assault and a misdemeanor count of battery.

The report said he allegedly shoved a 19 year old waiter and forcibly kissed the 40 year old owner multiple times. He was booked and released on a $100,000 bond.

We hadn’t heard much more from this story until yesterday, when the Kansas City Star released a heartbreaking story saying the restaurant was forced to close its doors after sustaining significant losses and experiencing multiple incidents they believe to be targeted vandalism due to the incident.

Aspen Vaughn, the restaurant’s owner told the Star in a July interview that business was down 75%, the connections to the air conditioning units were cut, natural gas lines were damaged, and the fire alarm was pulled inside, causing water damage.

“I feel like definitely, since it’s occurred, my safety is definitely at risk. I’m feeling attacked by people I’ve never met. Why do victims not come forward? It’s because this is how they get treated.”

Not only is it horrible that she and her employees had to go through this awful ordeal, but now they are all out of a job and a local business was forced to close its doors.

Honestly, I want to know what type of people are going out of their way to defend Jackson Mahomes. The kid is nothing but trouble and his actions were literally caught on video, proving at least to the public, that there is some strong validity in the accusations.

My heart goes out to the restaurant owner and all of the staff that now has to find somewhere else to work.

Jackson is scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on August 31st and his lawyers have maintained that their client is innocent.

Let’s hope the justice system gets this one right.

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