A Virginia Police Officer Was Arrested For Impersonating A Police Officer… And I Am Confused

Policer officer

But… I mean… How… What?

Sometimes you come across a piece of news and just sit there and read it over and over because it just doesn’t make sense.

That just happened to me when I saw this article from 6 News Richmond, which says that a police officer was arrested for impersonating law enforcement.

Yep, you read that right.

According to the article, 40 year old Leary Wright, an patrol officer with the Richmond Police Department, was arrested and charged with “impersonating a law enforcement officer” and “computer invasion of privacy.

He was allegedly posing online as a detective despite only being patrol officer, but still, this is just very, very confusing…

The statement made by RPD Chief Rick Edwards did nothing to clarify the situation either:

“The RPD Office of Professional Responsibility has fully investigated this matter and has presented their findings to the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney. While we will wait for the court process to run its course, I want the community to know we take these allegations seriously. We, as an organization, continue to strive to provide the highest level of professional service by our sworn and civilian staff.”

Yeah, not much detail.

So he was posing online as a detective, does that mean he was taking on clients to solve cases? Did he try to be Rustin Cole and set out on his own to bring down a crime ring? Or did he just slap a better job title on his LinkedIn profile to impress his buddies?

It does make me laugh knowing the officers had to ask for his badge and gun before arresting him for pretending to have a badge and gun, I mean that’s straight out of a sitcom.

That’s all we know for now, but man, hearing that a police officer can’t even pretend to be a police officer anymore really puts my brain in a blender…

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