Jake Kohn Releases Live Version Of “Dreams” Ahead Of The Single’s Release

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Jake Kohn

Jake Kohn‘s got a new single dropping tonight.

At the end of February, Kohn took to social media, sharing that he was going to drop the single early this month and that time was very near. The single “Dreams” showcases some of Kohn’s most vulnerable songwriting, and while he was told that it was too long, too raw, not hit-worthy, or wouldn’t land with his audience, Kohn didn’t care.

He felt the lyrics would resonate with at least a few of his listeners and wanted on streaming platforms for people to hear.

I was told time and time again that this song shouldn’t be released. It’s too long for public consumption. It’s hard to follow. It’s not my best writing. One thing I’m going to do is stay true to who I am. I’ve never written a song trying to write a hit, and I’m not going to release them based on that, either.

This song means something to many of you, and that means something to me. The number of comments and messages I’ve received asking me to release this song is unreal. It may not be a hit, but if it resonates with one of you, it’s a success to me.”

While the single still has some hours before it sees streaming platforms, Kohn posted a beautiful acoustic version of the track today that was recorded for Appalachia Untold.

The song captures the solo singer/songwriter feel that Kohn is known for throughout his live videos. He powerfully delivers the heartbreaking lyrics, and the nearly six-minute song proves once again that Jake is talented beyond his years.

With each Jake Kohn release, I am amazed at how he can carve such profound feelings into his lyrics and deliver the words with such conviction. Most people three times his age can’t do what he does, his songwriting ability is indeed, a precious gift.

“You’ve been telling me your stories, how this song has played a part in your life, and what it means to you. It’s powerful to me that something I wrote could have a significant impact on people I don’t know.

That’s the reason I do this, so this song is already successful to me. I can’t wait for you to hear it. It’s officially yours at midnight.”

Kohn knocked this live performance out of the park, and I am left feeling fired up to hear the studio cut tomorrow. This one is going to be a standout single from Kohn thus far,

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