Jake Kohn Teases New Single “Dreams” Dropping Early Next Month

Jake Kohn Country Music
Hannah Gray Hall

New music is on its way, and soon, from Jake Kohn.

The young rising star is a name that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with. A teenager from the Appalachian hills, Kohn’s sound and songwriting goes well beyond his years, with a grit and storytelling that almost resembles a combination of Colter Wall and Jamey Johnson.

With his debut single, “Frostbite,” winning the hearts of new fans and further expanding the love he had from his social media fans, he shortly followed that up with a heartbreak single, “Hard As Stone.” With many other tracks still in the vault, fans continually beg the songwriter to release more music.

And he is listening.

Just announced, Kohn will release a new single on March 8th, “Dreams.” Based on the teaser and song’s description, I think it might be the song of his strongest songwriting yet.

“I was told time and time again that this song shouldn’t be released. It’s too long for public consumption. It’s hard to follow. It’s not my best writing. One thing I’m going to do is stay true to who I am. I’ve never written a song trying to write a hit, and I’m not going to release them based on that, either.

This song means something to a lot of you, and that means something to me. The amount of comments and messages I’ve received asking me to release this song is unreal. It may not be a hit, but if it resonates with one of you, it’s a success to me. ‘Dreams’ out 3/8.”

While Kohn is on the fast track to stardom, I respect that he is sticking to his guns, releasing songs that move him. This philosophy will bring the right fans to him, building a fanbase of true non, fair-weathered fans.

Kohn spoke to Whiskey Riff prior to the “Hard As Stone Release” and vocalized that he wants his lyrics to shine and connect with fans. Based on the teaser for this track, I think this one will strike a deep chord with many listeners. The depth that comes from Kohn’s young mind blows me away every time. I can’t wait for this one to drop in two weeks.

Check out the whole track from his Red Barn Radio debut…we are in for a real treat with the studio cut of this single.

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