Garth Brooks Says His New Bar Is A “Thank You” To Nashville: “Hopefully It’s Love That We’re Creating”

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I mean, give people enough alcohol and they’ll make all kinds of love…

Today Garth Brooks officially held the grand opening for Friends in Low Places, his Nashville bar located on Broadway in the heart of Music City.

The bar has actually been open since November, when Garth first unveiled a look at his new place with a concert that was streamed on Amazon, but so far it’s only been open on weekends, and only the first two floors.

But now, visitors to Broadway will finally be able to get a look at all four floors of the house that Garth built.

The first floor houses the “honky tonk,” with a massive stage and a balcony overlooking it on the second floor. And the third floor is Trisha’s kitchen, a restaurant featuring recipes from Garth’s better half, Trisha Yearwood. And the top floor, which is called “The Oasis,” features…what else, a rooftop bar.

Garth has spoken quite a bit about his vision for the bar, saying that he wants to hear “traditional country music” like George Strait, Merle Haggard and Keith Whitley. Which sounds great, but the only time I’ve been there they had a DJ playing Rihanna and Taylor Swift…

He’s also said he wants his bar to be the “Chick-fil-A of honky tonks.”

“I want a place you go in where you feel good, you feel safe. Everybody’s got good manners. I’m hoping that there’s right when you walk in it’s a ‘Love Everybody’ stated right there. That’s what it’s about, right? So I want a place that’s just safe. That feels good.”

Total Garth thing to say.

And Friends In Low Places will stop playing live music at midnight, as opposed to after 2 AM when the bands wrap up at most other bars.

The bar will also close an hour earlier than other bars on Broadway, and Garth funded a police substation for the Metro Nashville Police Department that’s located directly beside his bar.

Trying to throw the police off your trail, Garth? We know what you’re doing here…

But anyway, today was the official grand opening of Friends in Low Places, and also the release date for a new docuseries on the creation and construction of the bar.

And Garth stopped by Good Morning America (well actually Good Morning America stopped by the bar) to chat with Mr. Yearwood about his new venue…and it was as weird as you’d expect from Garth these days.

Speaking with Robin Roberts, Garth said his bar was a “thank you” to Nashville.

“This is a thank you. This town has been fabulous to me. I gotta tell you, maybe it’s not the bar we’re creating. Hopefully it’s love we’re creating.”

Nothing creates more love than some $12 Bud Lights, am I right? (I actually don’t know how much a Bud Light costs at his bar, I’m just going based on the usual prices on Broadway these days).

And speaking of Bud Light, Garth ruffled some feathers last year when he spoke on the Bud Light boycott, saying that he would be serving the beer in his bar and calling those boycotting it “a*sholes.”

“Yes, we’re going to serve every brand of beer. We just are. It’s not our decision to make.

If you come into this house, love one another. If you’re an asshole, there are plenty of other places on lower Broadway.”

Of course Garth later walked back those comments in his typical “peace love and happiness” way, and he said today on GMA that

“Right now it just seems a little tense. Let’s get a place where everybody’s welcome, everybody’s good.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock