Hooters Invites Sydney Sweeney To Work For Them To Raise Money For Cancer Research

Sydney Sweeney
Saturday Night Live

Sydney Sweeney might have just been given an offer she can’t refuse.

Then again, the popular actress is quite busy, considering she’s been in a number of blockbuster movies in the past year, and just hosted Saturday Night Live. It was actually because of a sketch that she did on SNL parodying Hooters that prompted the well-known dining establishment to reach out with their own proposal.

But for context, you might as well check out the sketch real quick (for educational purposes relevant to this story, of course):

Now that you are up to speed, the rest of the proceedings will make more sense. If anyone asked, you can say you were just watching that above sketch to stay informed and up to date on the latest in cancer research.

Because Hootie, the Hooters mascot (not to be confused with the lead singer paired with the band “The Blowfish”) reposted the SNL skit with this message directed at Sydney Sweeney:

“Sydney, if you work one more shift before hanging up your orange shorts, we’ll donate the day’s proceeds to The V Foundation for Cancer Research.”

How can Sydney Sweeney say no to that?

Well, she could easily say she’s too busy, or opt to just donate money instead of working at a Hooters. But all in all, it was a great attempt at synergy and mutually beneficial marketing by the restaurant known for its…wings.

In order to really drive the point home, the V Foundation replied to the post with a clever use of a Sydney Sweeney GIF in support of the idea:

So now the ball is in Sweeney’s court, and might I say it’s a sticky situation for the actress. She likely won’t respond to the request, but if she were to take up Hooters on the offer, I’ve got a feeling it could really drive up the funding for cancer research. And who would be opposed to that?

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