Florida Woman Beats Man With Wad Of Cash After He Refused To Tip Dancers At Strip Club

Florida Woman
St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office

Ah, a Florida headline we needed… the world is healing.

While we know we are in for a treat when it starts with Florida Man, a close second byline includes “Florida Woman” and “Strip Club.” The recipe for a good story.

A Florida strip club employee, Victoria Jones, 28, was charged with a misdemeanor battery charge after she beat a customer at the club with a wad of cash after dancers noted he was not tipping them. It is important to note that Jones was not a dancer (darn), as the victim noted she was wearing all black and came from the back of the topless club in Port St. Lucie.

John McKelvey, 24, told police that he saw dancers were upset after he did not tip, but he did not see a sign for mandatory tipping. The New York Post reported that an affidavit stated:

“The employees were upset that [McKelvey] had not thrown money at them, with was common practice at the establishment.”

This is when Jones comes into play. She told the police that the customer was drunk, following the dancers, and verbally insulting them. She, upset with the situation, picked up a wad of cash, threw it at him, and then slapped him twice in the face, leaving a mark.

Maybe I’m in the wrong here, but doesn’t this sound pretty mild for a scuffle at a strip club? This poor kid probably just wanted to see some boobs, and being a broke fresh out of college age, one could only hope he was just naive to strip club etiquette.

I’m honestly surprised he pressed charges… I’d be more embarrassed that I got my *** kicked at a strip club and knowing that my name would be in a headline just like this one. Have this be the lesson that unless you have ones to throw, stay out of the strip club. This profession isn’t like a Subway worker asking for a tip… these folks live off the tips they make. Choices were made in that Florida t**ty bar… choices were made… hopefully young Johnny here learned a valuable lesson.

After writing this story, it only feels right to fire up this Wheeler Walker Jr. classic.

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