Luke Combs’ Wife Nicole Knocked It Out Of The Park With Her Birthday Gift Of A Cowboy Squirrel Riding A Pheasant

Luke Combs
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Guys, find you a lady who knocks it out of the park with the gifts like Nicole Combs.

Luke Combs celebrated his 34th birthday yesterday, and buying a gift for one of the biggest country stars can’t be easy. The guy’s selling out stadiums around the world and has 18 career #1 hits in just 6 years. I’m pretty sure if he needs new socks he can just buy them for himself.

But Nicole Combs still managed to find the perfect gift for her husband and the father of their two sons, Tex and Beau.

Luke posted a picture on his Instagram story of the unique gift that his wife surprised him with: A stuffed squirrel wearing a cowboy hat riding a pheasant.

How did she even come up with that? And more importantly, how can I get one for myself?

Luke shared that the squirrel’s name is Federico the Cowboy Squirrel, so he’s clearly enjoying their new family member since he’s already given it a name.

I mean, just look at it. It’s glorious.

We don’t really have any more information about Federico…like, why? But Nicole did give the cowboy squirrel a shoutout in her birthday post to Luke:

“Happy Birthday to my favorite human!!!! The world is a better place with you in it. I love you sooo mucho! I hope you love Federico!!!”


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Luke has mentioned before that it’s not about the money for him, and that while he has nice things (and let’s be honest, can pretty much afford whatever he wants), he would much rather gift people experiences than physical presents.

Of course that’s probably before he knew what Nicole had up her sleeve for his birthday gift, because what could really be better than a cowboy squirrel on a pheasant?

Now Kid Rock isn’t the only artist with one of these bad boys…


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