Riley Green’s Dog Carl Has Been The Star Of His ‘Ain’t My Last Rodeo’ Tour So Far

Riley Green

With Tracy Lawrence and Ella Langley on the road with him, there’s a ton of talent joining Riley Green for his Ain’t My Last Rodeo tour.

But it seems like the biggest star doesn’t even have his name on the lineup: Riley’s dog Carl, the Cowboy Corgi.

Even before the tour, Carl had already built up quite the following with his own Instagram account – and it’s not hard to see why:


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Look at that good boy.

And Carl often makes appearances at Riley’s shows, getting some much deserved time in the spotlight, along with plenty of praise and pets from excited fans.


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A post shared by Carl (@carlthecowboycorgi)

So as Riley and company kicked off their Ain’t My Last Rodeo tour, it’s clear who was really the star of the show.

@jayciebuck10 Carl’s the real star of the show 🥹 #rileygreen #carlthecowboycorgi #savannahgeorgia #concertdog #corgi #welovecarl ♬ original sound – Jaycie Buck

@alexiscdalton #rileygreen #rileygreenmusic #rileygreenconcert #carlthecowboycorgi #thisaintmylastrodeotour #rileygreentour2024 @Riley Green ♬ original sound – Alexis Dalton

@ems_musicmems go carl!! #rileygreen #countryconcert #carlthecowboycorgi #rileyduckman ♬ original sound – e🤠

@dirt_track_fan5 Pov: carl steals the show@Riley Green #rileygreen #carl ♬ original sound – Suzuki killer

Riley has even admitted that Carl is a bigger star than he is these days:

“My meet and greets, doesn’t matter if I’m there or not as long as Carl’s there.

There used to be signs in the crowd that said things to me, and now they’re all to Carl. People bring gifts, handmade scarves and stuff with his name embroidered on ’em, it’s pretty crazy.”

And he says the pup is enjoying his viral fame:

“It’s almost like he knows it too. We did a content shoot down here for Purina, which originally started with my yellow lab Jazz, and Carl made his way into a lot of the shots. Somehow he waddles his little self over there. He knows he’s famous.”

@likeafarmerpodcast The true star of every meet and greet isn’t @rileyduckman, but Carl 🐶 Check out the full episode using the link in our bio. #likeafarmer #laf #rileygreen #countrymusic #carl #dog #mansbestfriend #rileygreentickets #aintmylastrodeo #aintmylastrodeotour #corgi ♬ original sound – Like a Farmer

Carl is definitely famous. In fact, I’m headed out to see Riley on tour this summer and my friend who’ll be there with me asked if there was any way she could meet…Carl.

Sorry Riley.

I’m pretty sure if he keeps it up, Carl could have his own tour soon. And a good boy like that deserves all the attention he can get.

@whiskeyriff Road dog treating @Riley Green good // 🎥: @graciiehunt #whiskeyriff #countrymusic #rileygreen ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

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