Crocodile Lets Out Terrifyingly Awesome Mating Growl

Crocodile in Vietnam

This is not something I’d want to stumble upon while walking through the marsh.

A TikTok user in what appears to be Vietnam captured the rare moment on camera of a massive croc letting out a prehistoric-sounding roar. And when I say prehistoric, I mean it. This sounds like something you’d hear from a dinosaur in Jurassic Park. 

The croc starts with a massive chomp, sending water droplets around the shallow pond before he arches his back (and you can see just how large this guy is from where his tail comes out of the water) before letting out a bellowing growl that would make you think he’s about leap out of the water and snatch you.

While the sound is terrifying, yet fascinating all at once, this crocodileis not looking top harm anyone or anything. This horrifying sound is part of an its mating ritual. As gators and crocs do not have vocal cords, they suck air into their lynx, which creates these low vibrating bellows. Under the water, they can be heard for miles, which attracts a female mate. The lower and more powerful a bellow is also helps male gators establish dominance over the area. Sometimes, the bellows can create so much vibration that you can see the water moving around the reptile’s body.

Pretty cool, right?

Even in this video, you can see the ripples in the water as this big daddy croc tries to attract a mate. Hopefully, this got the job done to find a little lady, but I still stand by my statement that this is the last thing I’d want to encounter while out near the water.

@doclaphuongnamHơi này mà thổi nồng độ chắc banh cái máy♬ nhạc nền – doclaphuongnam – Doclaphuongnam

If you want to learn more about this mating ritual, check out this video, too. It has some killer up-close shots where you can see the air the alligators suck in to make this unique sound.

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