Bull Moose Sends Opponent Tumbling Down Hill, Pins Him To The Pavement In All-Time Great Rut Battle

Moose fight on Alaskan street
Scott Dana

Hits like a freight train running downhill…

What do you get when two 1,500 pound beasts with giant antlers, who are jacked up on testosterone and looking to fight, run into each other? One of the best rut battles of all-time, and it’s not even close.

At least from what I see, moose tend to get overlooked when people talk about the various species of deer. White tails are the most common in the US and elk seem to be the most romanticized, but there’s just something truly special about the largest of them all.

While Alaska has by far the most moose of any state with around 175,000, Maine has a bunch, especially considering it’s the 12 smallest state by land area, with 60,000. Most others are found in states near the Canada border, but some live in the mountain areas out west in Colorado and Utah.

We don’t know where this particular video comes to us from, it shows just how capable these giants are when they decide to throw down.

With lineman working on in the background, the two start battling up on a hill, but one gets the upper hand pretty quickly and sends his opponent clear into the air and tumbling to the pavement below. That wasn’t all though, as he continued to drive his antlers into the defeated bull’s side, potentially causing some serious damage.

While the loser does get up and tries to mount an attack of his own, it’s clear who was winning the day.

Can you imagine just driving down the road and watching this play out? Makes me want to pack it up and head to the Last Frontier just in hopes of catching a moment like this.

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