Moose Plodding Down Snowy Canadian Road Shows You Just How Big These Beasts Are

Moose charges through the snow
Viral Hog

Reading numbers can give you a decent idea of how large something is, but actually seeing it can make those numbers mean a whole lot more.

Moose are the largest species of deer on the planet. The biggest on record weighed over 1,800 pounds and stood 7.6 feet tall and the shoulder while the widest antler spread measured just under 6 feet 4 inches. I’m sure you can begin to put a picture in your head of what it would feel like to stand next to one of these giants, but a video taken in Quebec, Canada shows just how big these fellas actually are.

An amateur photographer was driving down a snowy road as the sun was going down when he spotted a giant moose plodding toward him a little ways off. After stopping the car to not spook the beast, he began recording as he walked directly past the car, giving us an up close example of just how small you’d feel standing next to one.

It’s honestly a good reset to find your place in the world, realizing there’s animals that large out there. At least for me, it’s good to see things like this from time to time. It’s almost a centering exercise.

I need to get to a place with some moose, I really feel like it would be a similar moment to when astronauts look at Earth from space for the first time. Just a moment that forever alters your perspective of life.

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