Bill Anderson Pranks Opry Crowd, Says Willie Nelson Is A Surprise Guest

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There’s nothing like going to the Grand Ole Opry and being surprised by a special guest.

Well, at least that is what the crowd that graced the historic venue thought was happening the other night. Although the Opry is a famed and iconic stage that many grace with seriousness as it holds so much history, some artists who have been in the circle time and time again know how to let loose and have fun with the crowd.

Bill Anderson knows how to pull an audience’s leg here and there, and boy, did he get the crowd good the other night.

During his portion of the Opry show, Bill Anderson excitedly announced that he would bring out an exceptional guest. Not Marty Stuart, not Vince Gill….not even Chris Stapleton. But the iconic Wille Nelson. The audience (rightfully so) went wild as they expected the Red Headed Stranger to walk out on the stage.

Bill walked away from the circle towards the side stage, waving as a cue for Nelson to walk out. He gave an Oscar-worthy performance, fully tricking the crowd he was preparing to walk out. He then paused before tuning back and addressing the crowd:

“Is not here tonight.”

And the crowd burst into laughter as the band continued playing. The woman videoing what she thought was an exciting moment puts the camera down once it’s announced that Nelson is not about to grace the stage but continues recording.

“But if he was… he would come right out here and stand on this circle.” 

Bill says with a chuckle in his voice.

The Opry is a very serious place of performance, but you can always count on Bill Anderson to throw in a light-hearted joke while he is on stage—nothing like getting the crowd going from a prank.

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