Florida Woman Pulls Alligator Out Of Her Pants After Getting Pulled Over


In case you didn’t know, the acronym “WTF” can double as a way to ask “What the Florida?” when you see headlines like this.

Before we get too far, let me point out that this story is actually from 2019. It’s just so damn strange that it deserves to be revisited.

I would say that it’s not every day that a story as crazy as this happens, but that would be discrediting the state of Florida. Stuff like this is likely happening on a daily basis in the Sunshine State, and we’re just not hearing about it.

In this story, a Florida woman and a Florida man were pulled over during a traffic stop, and the officers quickly found out that they were guilty of more than just running a stop sign.

One of the passengers in the car allowed for the police to search through their bags, and said that they had just been “collecting snakes and frogs under an overpass.” You know, just another weeknight in Florida…

When they started searching through the bags in the vehicle, one that the officers opened held 41 turtles inside of it. Funny enough, and this is true, the bag that all of the turtles were stuffed inside was reportedly a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” backpack.

Officers returned to the front of the vehicle and asked the Florida man and Florida woman if they had any other live animals in their possession that they need to know about.

This is harder to believe than the “Ninja Turtles” backpack, but according to the police, the Florida woman responded to that question by pulling a 1-foot long alligator out of her yoga pants.

You really can’t make that stuff up.

The Florida woman was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to four separate charges. She’s lucky that charges were the worst she came away with, considering things could have gone far worse with an alligator down her drawers.

I just want to know what happens in one’s life where they find themselves getting pulled over with a backpack crammed full of turtles and an alligator that, in a pinch, they decide to put in their pants.

But that’s the thing about Florida…those kinds of questions don’t always lead to answers that make any sense.

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