“Next 5 Years, I Want To Win 2” – Russell Wilson Eyes More Super Bowl Victories Despite Flopping In Denver

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Russell Wilson is going to cost the Denver Broncos nine figures in dead money whenever they decide to release him from the mega contract he signed upon landing in the Mile High City. Once Sean Payton benched Wilson toward the end of the 2023 season, it was clear Denver would move on from the self-proclaimed Mr. Unlimited.

In search of a fresh start after forcing his way out of Seattle via trade, only to fail spectacularly, Wilson believes he can still lift the Lombardi Trophy not once, but twice more before he calls it a career. Or so he told ex-NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall on the I AM ATHLETE podcast:

“I got more fire than ever honestly, especially over the past two years of what I’ve gone through. Whether it’s in Denver or somewhere else — I hope it’s in Denver. I hope I get to finish there. I committed there. […] I want to be there.

For me, it’s about winning. Over the next five years, I want to win two [Super Bowls]. I want to feel the chill of that trophy again. I love the city and everything else, but you also want to be a place that wants you, too. So the thing that I want to do is win. That’s all I care about.”


In order to succeed at the highest level of any sport, you need a borderline delusional amount of self-confidence and a firm belief that you can overcome outside critics, your own limitations, and any and all adversity.

To his credit, Wilson has that sort of mental makeup and has flourished in the NFL because of it. No quarterback shorter than six feet all was getting drafted high until Wilson exploded onto the scene with the Seahawks. He paved the way for the likes of Kyler Murray and Bryce Young.

But Wilson’ once-inspiring underdog story has suddenly morphed into something far more grotesque in recent years. The “Let Russ Cook” movement was huge when he was in Seattle. Most people believed Pete Carroll was holding Wilson back from achieving his highest potential. Then, the classic “be careful what you wish for” scenario unfolded, as the Seahawks got a massive haul for Wilson, the centerpiece of what’s widely considered the worst trade in NFL history.

Going back to that unwavering, optimistic personality I cited before as a strength of Wilson’s: That has backfired of late, too. Russ seems to lack the self-awareness to disengage “Lead Sports Movie Protagonist Mode” at any time. He is constantly “on”, and it comes across as phony. More of the same here when it comes to this Super Bowl talk, if I’m being honest.

I remember Wilson saying something like he could hear God talking to him when he walked off the field after his infamous interception at the 1-yard line in Super Bowl XLIX. God allegedly encouraged Wilson in that low moment of his life, and implied that the world would be inspired by how he handled the aftermath.

Holy sh*t. I didn’t imagine that. This actually happened. Thanks to NESN.com for the transcription:

“The play happens, and they pick the ball off. And I take three steps… and on the third step God says to me, ‘I’m using you… I want to see how you respond.

But most importantly, I want them to see how you respond.”

Skeptical gif

This isn’t some anti-religious dig at all. This is yet another point to drive home why Wilson’s personality rubs some (well, many) the wrong way. And guess what? Wilson hasn’t been back to a Super Bowl since. Oops.

See what I mean? Wilson still has that same, tired, autonomic paradigm of Upbeatism, only now with a physical tool set that has rapidly declined. Wilson is nowhere close to the dynamic running threat he once was. That’s also impacted his efficacy as a passer, since he can’t rely as much on creating off-schedule plays as he used to. There are still flashes of it, but it’s less frequent. He’ll turn 36 years old in late November as well.

Everything just feels forced and put on by Wilson whenever he speaks out like this. More power to him for believing he can win two Super Bowls by the time he’s 41. At least the goal isn’t three in five years, like the Patrick Mahomes-led Kansas City Chiefs recently finished doing.

There are a lot of QB-needy teams out there. Many of them pick near the top of the 2024 NFL Draft. Wilson’s best hope is to be a stopgap starter while a rawer prospect like Michigan’s JJ McCarthy waits in the wings to take the reins.

Who knows? I suppose crazier things have happened in the NFL. Maybe Russ can be a two-time Super Bowl champ here soon.

…As a backup.

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