Kameron Marlowe Pens Heartfelt Letter To His Fiancée On New Single “Quit You”

Kameron Marlowe
David McClister

Kameron Marlowe is laying down a love song.

Following the massive success of his last single, “Stranger,” when he joined forces with Ella Langley, Kameron returns with another stellar single. The former The Voice contestant and Opry NextStage alum has gained a massive following since his time on the show, and with each single he releases, he is met with a slew of new fans.

His deep baritone vocals combined with his tried and true country melodies make his sound a combination that is easy on the ears. His duet with Langley focused on a couple realizing they can’t rekindle their flame after being burned. Leaving the sentiment that while they might not be strangers to each other, they can’t be friends or lovers.

But Marlowe finds himself on the other end of the spectrum on “Quit You,” penning a love letter to his fiancée.

“This is my follow up to ‘Giving You Up.’ The first line, at ’20 years old, I kicked those cigarettes, the same year me and whiskey took a break,’ is the hook of ‘Giving You Up,’ but rewritten to modern day of how I got where I am today.

This is the space I was in before I met Meagan when I was looking for something to fill the void of finding myself.”

Marlowe notes the play of words from his first hit single, “Giving You Up.” As the lyrics go on, he finds that his old love habits have been changed because of this newfound healthy love.

“Now, I’m addicted to her love more than I’m addicted to anything else. She makes me a better person, she grounds me and I am thankful for her love. I found myself through finding someone who understands me and loves me for all my faults. All the things I had been trying to quit like nicotine or cutting back on drinking, she’s my addiction. It’s the perfect love song.”

Written by Marlowe, James McNair and John Pierce, they crafted a love song that you will find yourself spinning on repeat.

The lyrics for this song speak for themself:

“So baby, who could quit you?
Baby, who in their right mind could put you down?
‘Cause I ain’t ever had your kinda high
Who could ever go and tell you goodbye?
Baby, who could quit you?
‘Cause I can’t put you down…”

With the acoustic-focused melody, listeners hear every word with intention, letting the lyrics shine throughout the whole track. If you’re on the market for a new favorite love song, this one will be a top contender.

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