Virginia Police Searching For Madman Who Stole An Ambulance With An IV Still In His Arm After Crashing A Stolen Car

stolen ambulance Virginia
Fairfax County Police Department

Well, I live less than 5 minutes from where this took place so that’s cool…

A wild story is coming out of Northern Virginia from last night.

Around 1pm yesterday, police were alerted to a stolen vehicle on Route 50 in Fair Oaks, Virginia. The car sped off but didn’t make it far, crashing violently after blowing off the road and flying over hill behind a highway ramp. All 5 suspects were apprehended and brought to the local Fairfax Inova hospital for treatment, 2 with life-threatening injuries.

Police found narcotics and two guns in the crashed, stolen vehicle.

Here’s a video of the stolen white Toyota Corolla going airborne after losing control on the highway on-ramp I take a few times a weeks…

You’d think after all of that, having your friends nearly die while your life flashed before your eyes, those involved would sit back and just accept what was coming to them, but 32 year old Rickey Lowe from Manassas had other plans.

At around 8:30pm, he decided to make a run for it and escaped from the hospital with an IV still in his arm. Once outside, he jumped in an ambulance and drove it off. A camera inside the vehicle shows Lowe behind the wheel at around 8:45pm.

Lowe ditched the ambulance around 9:30pm and police recovered it less than 3 miles from the hospital. He’s believed to have fled on foot, according to NBC Washington.

So a madman who stole a car, survived a horrific crash, may be on drugs, could be armed, and stole an ambulance is roaming my neighborhood? That’s not a very comforting thought…

If you need me until he’s caught, I’ll be making sure my, shall we say, protective instruments are ready to go.

There’s crazy people everywhere, just always have to keep your head on a swivel out here.

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