Elk Sends Dirt Biker Tumbling On Washington Trail

Dirt bike hits elk

Of all the things that can go wrong while ripping a dirt bike, I’m guessing this guy didn’t put too much consideration on the fact that some elk might pop out of the tree line and send him tumbling, but that’s exactly what wound up happening.

While riding a trail somewhere in Washington, a dirt biker ran into the second largest member of the deer family and captured the whole thing on video for our viewing pleasure.

All appears clear and calm on the trail until suddenly it wasn’t, which is pretty impressive considering elk can weight up to 1,000 pounds and sport a giant rack of antlers, but staying concealed is how these creatures stay away from predators like mountain lions and these two elk were practically invisible until they darted out right in front of this poor dude.

Credit to him, he tried to swerve and avoid the collision but it was no use and he slammed into the side of one of them and was sent tumbling into the dirt while the elk scrambled off to safety.

Fortunately neither man nor beast appeared to be injured and the rider gave a pretty funny caption when posting the video.

“Hit an elk on dirt bike, skydiving is safer.”

Well played, sir. Well played.

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