Airbnb Host Sued After She Sends Picture Of Guest With Another Woman To His Wife

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Wow, this is a convoluted cluster of chaos if I’ve ever seen one.

An AirBnb host is being sued by a guest after he requested a refund and left a negative review of her property in Memphis, Tennessee.

According to Fox News, Shawn Mackey booked “superhost” Pamela Fohler’s property in September of 2022 for a few days. At first, all was fine, but the property did come with a long and strict list of rules, which included no smoking or vaping, no excessive noise, no guests from the local area, no parking in front of the garage doors or on the right side of the driveway, no glass, food, drinks, or urinating in the pool, and no skinnydipping.

I mean some of those are understandable, but some are the reason why people are not staying in Airbnb’s anymore. No guests from the local area and no parking on the right side of the driveway? What if you’re visiting friends in the area, they can’t come to visit?

Anyway, things started fine for Mackey’s stay and he reached out to ask her if he would be able to invite a “friend” over for dinner, to which Fohler initially said yes, so long as their names were provided for “insurance” reasons. Strange, yes, but it was stated beforehand. Well, things went south quickly from there.

Mackey did in fact bring a friend over but did not put her name on the reservation, something that the host noticed in the security cameras immediately, leading to her sending multiple messages asking for the name to be added. She also said she had received complaints of yelling and noise. Eventually, Fohler told Mackey that he needed to leave the property immediately because he had violated the property’s rules.

“I am very sorry, but you have violated the no party rule, disturbed my neighbors by cursing and yelling in the parking lot, and have unauthorized guests. I am asking you to leave now. I can’t allow you to stay, I am sorry.”

He claimed that none of that was true.

Mackey didn’t leave that night but he did leave the next morning, which was earlier than planned. He claimed he had spoke with Fohler and that it was all a misunderstanding and that would be that. He requested a refund for the unused days and also left a negative review, something that “superhost” Pamela Fohler did not at all appreciate.

The lawsuit filed by Mackey claims she began harassing him. She sent him a photo of him entering the house with his guest, a woman that just so happened to not be his wife. How she knew it wasn’t his wife and how she knew his wife’s name I don’t know, but she sent this picture to him along with the message:

“Hello Shawn, hope you are well. Sorry it took so long to get the photos you requested together to show your stay at our home. But I had faith, was driven by integrity, so I committed to get these posted for you and Airbnb. Photo at 3:16 am is especially notable. Should I forward the photos and videos to Teresa, or will you?”

I mean, holy smokes this woman was out for blood…

She then contacted Airbnb, who leveed a $960 fine against him for having an additional guest, breaking rules against local guests, excessive noise, and “moderation of your review” (again, a reason why people are starting to hate Airbnb). After Mackey refused to pay the fine, Fohler followed through with her promise and emailed the photo to his wife.

Mackey is now suing her for invasion of privacy, inflicting emotional damage, and causing damage to his marriage.

I don’t really even know what to say about this. Certainly, both parties are in the wrong in ways here.

You can’t cheat on your wife, that’s just a big no-no. But you also can’t just send out guest information to get back at them for writing a bad review. If the guest actually violated rules and you have evidence of it, you as the host are in the clear and can sit back and let Airbnb handle the matter.

This whole thing is a mess, but boy is it interesting. Who do you side with, the guest or the host?

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