Steph Curry Made A Full-Court Shot From The Tunnel Before Breaking Yet Another 3-Point Shooting Record

Steph Curry
Golden State Warriors

If the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty is indeed coming to an end, it won’t be because Steph Curry is having some sharp decline in the midst of his 15th NBA season.

Despite becoming the first player ever to make seven 3-pointers or more in four consecutive games in a 130-125 loss to the Clippers, what Steph did before tip-off with his home court rather empty is one of his most mind-blowing things you’ll see anyone do with a basketball. In a seemingly casual interaction with fans, Curry whipped around, chucked the ball from the opposite tunnel, and drained a full-court shot.

Instead of wondering aloud what the Guinness World Record is for longest made basketball shot, figured it would be worth a Google. Here it is from Joshua Walker, at 113 feet, six inches.

I mean shoot, Steph gives this guy a run for his money, does he not? Did he just casually break a world record without even trying to or realizing where he was letting the ball go from? That’s totally something Steph Curry would do. He’s so good and works so hard at his shooting craft that he’d just stumble into something like that by accident.

Tunnel shots are nothing new from our guy Curry, nor are full-court launches. As amazing as his shooting form is, it’s almost even more impressive that Steph is so accurate when he’s trying to put such maximum effort to get the ball to the hoop. You’d think it’d be hard to replicate that. Then you see footage of him making five full-courters in a row and it’s just like…WTF?

Anyone else I’d say it’s fake. Steph doesn’t seem bothered enough to take the time to fake something like this. He’s just that inhuman with a basketball in his hands.

So yeah, when Curry is pulling up outside the 3-point arc to carve out yet another piece of NBA history, it must feel like a six-foot shot right near the bucket.

Steph Curry changed the entire sport of basketball with his shooting ability. We’ve never seen more 3-pointers, big men with that type of range, or such overall skill level on the hardwood. Curry played no small part in that evolution.

It’s too bad that NBA viewership numbers have declined, but perhaps with football season over, there’ll be more room for sports fans to dig in. While Curry is one of those rare “drop everything and watch” superstars when he gets hot, there’s a ton of young talent all over the Association, headlined by reigning No. 1 overall pick Victor Wembanyama who deserve to be widely seen.

Speaking of Steph, superstars, and Golden State’s dynasty, this summer will be telling as far as whether or not the Warriors’ championship window has slammed shut.

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