Cleto Cordero Serenades Audience With Stunning Cover Of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”

Cleto Cordero Flatland Cavalry
Taylor Hendrix

Flatland Cavalry laid down some solid covers during the Ryman Auditorium debut.

From tipping their hat to the late Toby Keith and bringing out Colby Acuff to accompany them to this one, I have officially been struck with concert envy. “Landslide” is a cover I will never get tired of hearing through a country lens.

From Marcus King and his bride to this, something about putting a little twang on the Fleetwood Mac hit always makes me smile.

Cleto Cordero strapped up his acoustic guitar for a stunning acoustic version of the track while they graced the stage of the Mother Church for the first time. With a singular spotlight on him and the stage illuminated with purple lights, the video footage of the performance looks dreamy, to say the least. While Cleto gingerly picks the guitar and lets the lyrics rip through his vocal cords, nailing each note, you can hear the crowd strongly supporting him word for word in the background.

While the audience is heard loud and clear, they don’t come close to overpowering the angelic-like vocals coming from Cleto. With a slight twang on the words, the version is stripped-back perfection. During the bridge, Flatland Cavalry’s guitarist, Reid Dillon, steps forward and plays the long electric notes with ease while Cleto keeps the base melody on his acoustic.

They put their own spin on the closing lyrics to wrap up the song, leading it into “A Life Where We Work Out.” The crowd goes nuts hearing the meshing of the lyrics.

“I’d climb a mountain and I’d turn around
If life is only ups and downs
Maybe you’ll come back around
In a life where we work out,
A life where work out….”

They then strike into the opening fiddle portion of “A Life Where We Work Out,” and the audience of the Ryman roars with excitement.

This video will quickly become your new comfort watch. Check it out.

Kaitlin Butts then came out on stage surprising the audience during the song, singing the sweet song with her husband.

“A Life Where We Work Out” also became certified gold by the RIAA, so the group was presented with a plaque commemorating the accomplishment on stage after the song.

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