Wyatt Flores Tips His Hat To Toby Keith Covering “Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue”

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Oklahomans know how to pay their respects.

The loss of Toby Keith is still weighing heavily on the country music industry, especially those inspired by his music. Since his passing, we have seen some incredible tributes to the Big Dog Daddy on stage, including Zach Bryan, Tim McGraw, and many more.

A fellow Oklahoma native himself, Wyatt Flores, honored the legend during a recent show, firing up a Toby Keith classic. As Flores is from Stillwater, Oklahoma, the OSU Cowboys are known for adapting “Should’ve Been A Cowboy” into one of the school songs; many would have thought that is what he would have pulled out.

Legend has it that Keith hated how much OSU used the song because he was an OU Sooners fan, so Flores decided to go with another one of Keith’s many hits.

(Although Keith wasn’t a fan of OSU, that didn’t stop him from leading a sing-along at the Eskimo Joe’s once…legendary.)

Nothing better than a little boot in your ass… right? Taking the stage, Wyatt Flores lays down a killer cover of “Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue,” and the crowd ate it up. You can hear members of the crowd yelling:


As he leads into the chorus, the crowd screams every word alongside Flores. The atmosphere seems like pure electricity.

Toby Keith’s legacy will live on forever, and these covers show how much he meant to artists across all decades. Not to mention that each crowd has known every word to the covers sung thus far. Keep ’em coming.

If I do say so myself, Wyatt’s ’90s Whiskey Riff Shop button-down is the perfect finishing touch for the video.

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