Zach Bryan Honors Fellow “Oklahoma Boy,” Toby Keith, With Performance Of “Courtesy Of The Red, White & Blue”

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Reagan Eyler

One Oklahoma legend honoring another.

The country music world is still reeling from the loss of Toby Keith last week after a long and hard battle with stomach cancer.

In addition to countless tributes posted on social media, many country stars have played their favorite Toby Keith song on stage, including Darius Rucker performing “God Love Her” (one of my personal favorite) at the Grand Ole Opry.

Of course, as the world seems to always do, some people decided to bring up the “controversial” parts of Toby’s past, which lead to the Dixie Chicks trending on X as memories of their 2002 beef over support for the Iraq War resurfaced, but while many stood up for Toby’s legacy, one person that was a very vocal supporter of Toby’s legacy from the start was fellow Okie Zach Bryan.

After some fans voiced concern, or outrage, or whatever we want to call it, over the series of posts Zach made, he responded to one in particular who had said that Toby should be more recognized for his non-patriotic music, implying that the pro-America songs were a stain on his record.

“This pretentious stuff is so annoying, man.

Man made a living off of many great songs. His patriotic s*** related to the people when it did for a reason; that’s a great songwriter. Celebrate it instead of making everything negative begging.”

Don’t think anyone could have said it better.

But just last night, Zach doubled down by playing the song that fans will forever remember Toby Keith for and one he may have not released had a Marine Corps General not told him it was his duty as an American.

Zach got on stage in Las Vegas for a Super Bowl Bud Light Backyard event and turned the show into a rowdy sing along with his version of “Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue”.

You don’t need me to tell you how awesome of a moment that is, a veteran from Oklahoma honoring a country music legend from his homestate, so let’s just roll the tape and crack a beer in Toby’s honor.

This one’s for you, Big Dog.

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