Ashley Monroe’s “Weed Instead Of Roses” Is The Only Valentine’s Day Advice You Need This Year

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Ashley Monroe really went there on behalf of all of us women when she wrote “Weed Instead Of Roses.”

She included the song on her second studio album Like A Rose back in 2013, and it’s just as relevant today as it was 10 years ago. In fact, probably more relevant since it’s even easier to get (legally).

Funny enough, she actually wrote the song when she was just 19 years old with Sally Barris and John McElroy. Back during the time the song came out, it was a bit more controversial, and Ashley could not have cared any less, saying:

“People are either going to love me or hate me for it. But I’m going to sing about what I’m going to sing about.

If people can’t laugh at it or take a joke, they can listen to something else.”

After years went by from the time she wrote it as a teenager, Ashley joined the girl group Pistol Annies with Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley, which allowed her to feel even more confident in what she had to say in terms of being bold on this track:

“The Pistol Annies showed me that I’m not the only one who has these thoughts. I just have country in my soul. I can’t apologize for that anymore.

The Pistol Annies has given me a boost of confidence, or reaffirmation, that it’s OK to be original and to be you, because people will accept it.”

Amen to that, Ashley.

And Vince Gill, who produced the Like a Rose record, said he really pushed Ashley to include this tune on the tracklist, even though she was a little bit nervous about how it would be received by the public… times have really changed since then.

He actually gave her an ultimatum that she had to include it or he wouldn’t even produce the album (probably a joke, but it’s hilarious either way), saying:

“I would hate to see them miss the boat because it’s talking about pot or whatever. The humor in it is outstanding, and that’s more in line with the rowdy side of The Pistol Annies.”

Yes, we’re talking about the same Vince Gill here who’s married to legendary Christian singer Amy Grant.

He added this when Ashley pressed him about what he and Amy do behind closed doors… apparently, it’s wilder than you’d think:

“Trust me: them Christian girls are freaks! You’ve just got to marry ’em to find out.”

Not only is he hilariously, 100% correct about all of that, but with Valentine’s Day being tomorrow (for any of you who need the reminder), it got me thinking that she really does dole out some solid advice here.

Though she’s not necessarily explicitly talking about Valentine’s Day, and this could just as easily apply to birthday’s, Christmas, or whatever other holiday, it’s pretty damn good advice.

Just look at the chorus, it’s GOLD:

“Give me weed instead of roses
Bring me whiskey instead of wine
Every puff, every shot, you looking better all the time
I don’t need a card from Hallmark
Box of candy, heaven knows
Give me weed instead of roses
Let’s see where it goes”

Guys, don’t go with same, boring, cookie-cutter card and chocolate you stopped to get at CVS on the way home from work because you almost forgot to get anything at all… go with your ladies vice of choice.

Ashley prefers whiskey and weed, as she details in the song, but there are countless options that do not include Hallmark in any way, shape, or form that will make your girls, and in turn your, Valentine’s Day one million times better.

The only thing I have to disagree with Ashley about here is her disrespect for receiving flowers. Somewhere along the way, it became uncool for girls to want flowers, but I’m here to tell you to get the dang flowers.

Trust me… get the flowers, get the whiskey, forget the stupid teddy bear, and go and have yourself a great Valentine’s Day.

And if you’ve never actually heard the song before, it’s high time we change that (pun very much intended). Guys, you’re welcome for the free, top tier advice… you can thank me later:

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