“They Don’t Even Fly?” – Twitter Roasts PETA Dorks For Anti-Chicken Wing Super Bowl PSA

Chicken Wings
Amar Preciado

What was PETA thinking with this one?

Considering the lunatic organization speaks on the “behalf of animals who can’t protect themselves,” they were obviously thinking that they were acting in the best interest of all the chickens out there. I respect that PETA was trying to stick their neck out there in defense of chickens, but this week is not the week to try and tell people not to eat chicken wings. It’s Super Bowl week people…

It’s estimated that 1.45 BILLION wings are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday, which is just absurd. Obviously, wings are one of the most popular, g0-to snacks for the “Big Game,” but that number still seems staggering to me.

Top 5 Super Bowl snacks? Sure, we can do that real quick:

5) Pigs in a blanket

4) Buffalo Chicken Dip

3) Cocktail weenies

2) Anything on a King’s Hawaiian Bun

1) Chicken wings

Honestly, anyone that argues wings don’t belong on the top of that list have something wrong with them. And that seems like the perfect transition to display what PETA had to say about chicken wings this past week:

“Your Super Bowl ‘snack’ cost her life.”

How dare they put a crying chicken cartoon on my social media feed…

The image they shared actually had a fried chicken wing still attached to a live chicken, which if you ask me, is even more unethical than killing the chicken itself.

It also included the line “I need my wings, you don’t,” to which most people replied with the obvious… chickens don’t fly? Do they really need their wings?

But I won’t take too much time to criticize the organization…because social media did a sufficient enough job frying PETA online like, well… chicken wings:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock