Sam Barber Wrestles With Intrusive Thoughts On New Single “S.O.B.”

Sam Barber country music
Sam Barber

Sam Barber is back with another stellar single.

Sam Barber is undoubtedly one of the hottest rising stars on the country music scene right now, and the release of this single amplifies why heads are turning toward him. He released his stellar debut EP, Million Eyes, at the end of the year and is showing fans he is not slowing down with this most recent release, “S.O.B.”

Barber announced the single at the end of January after teasing demo clips of three songs. He turned to fans, asking which one they liked best, and “S.O.B.” was the favorite of the group, leading to its release.

The production of this track feels more complete than the acoustic style Barber had taken up on previous releases, making for a stunning composition that perfectly supports the lyrics.

The song’s contents highlight the internal battle of feeling lonely, like you aren’t enough, and the slight feeling of spiraling when you let thoughts like this engulf your mind. A catchy guitar slide after each verse keeps listeners on the edge of their seats, waiting for the following string of thoughts to come from Barber’s lips.

“I’m a no-good, worn-out and broken son of a bitch
There’s a war on my mind over all the things I cannot fix
And I’m so damn tired right now I think I see the end
How I’ve walked so far, so long never gaining an inch…”

This single highlights the progression Barber has already made sonically as an artist. Still staying true to his roots but fine-tuning the sound he has already defined.

This track will quickly find its way onto your playlists. Turn it up.

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