Jelly Roll And Lainey Wilson Star In Super Bowl PSA Addressing Healthcare Crisis Called ‘Power To The Patients’

Lainey Wilson country music
Youtube/Swift River Productions

Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson will be appearing on TV’s across America during this year’s Super Bowl.

The country stars join Valerie June to address the healthcare criss in the United States as part of the Power To The Patients PSA.

Of the importance of this new campaign, Jelly Roll says:

“Hospitals and Insurance companies all around the United States are stealing our future by looting every patient, worker, employer, and family across the country.”

Lainey adds:

“American citizens in need of care are afraid to enter a hospital.” 

According to the commercial, “100 million Americans are drowning in medical debt” due to the lack of transparency from healthcare providers.

Medical debt is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in America and, according to the most recent semi-annual study by Patient Rights Advocate, only 36% of hospitals in America are compliant with the current Federal Price Transparency Rule.

This new ad aims to force hospitals and insurance companies around the country to publicize actual prices for their services and procedures ahead of time, instead of waiting to bill the patient after the visit and having a surprise in terms of how much they owe.

You can watch it below.

Lainey is also starring in a Coors Light commercial alongside LL Cool J:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock