Floyd Mayweather Paid A Cool $18 Million In Taxes Before Buying A $1.1 Million Super Bowl Suite

Floyd Mayweather
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They don’t call him money for nothing…

In the boxing world, there’s truly no one like Floyd Mayweather.

After finishing his professional career a perfect 50-0, he continues to schedule exhibition matches that some how still draw in multi-million dollar purses, which he then uses for a rather, shall we say, lavish lifestyle.

Well, as you’re well aware, the Super Bowl is this Sunday in Las Vegas and stars from all aspects of the sporting and entertainment worlds have descended on Sin City to partake in all that it has to offer.

You never really know what’s in store when you get to Vegas outside of one thing…

It’s going to be expensive.

If you want to go to the game, the cheapest seats are currently listed for just under $6,500 on Ticketmaster (before they crush you with their infamous fees) and if you really want to go all out and book a table in the field-side night club that will run you around $650,000.

But of course, that really just gets you in the door and you’ll still be on the hook for drinks and food, but hey, it’s all about the experience, right?

As you may expect, Floyd Mayweather is going to be in attendance when the Chiefs meet the 49ers, and he’s bringing with him a crazy amount of cash. Like, hundreds of pounds of one dollar bills, which will most certainly be used before and after the game at one of the various gentlemen’s clubs the city has to offer.

Now, while no one denies that Floyd has money, I think we can all remember the trouble he got into with the IRS a few years back when they claimed he owed over $20 million in back taxes. That all got settled at some point and he paid some amount to clear the books, but before Money Mayweather could really get into the Super Bowl spirit, he had another payment due to Uncle Sam, which he posted about on social media.

“Just before I paid that light million and change for that little Super Bowl stuff, I had to pay the IRS aka Uncle Sam $18,047,181. This is what I owed in taxes while I’m retired so just imagine what I was paying when I was activated.” 

Yep, Mayweather had to write a physical check to the IRS for $18,074,181, an amount of money that I can’t imagine having, yet alone owing in taxes…

Looks like the exhibition and brand promotion world is treating Floyd very nicely these days…

We have yet to hear who he’s putting his money on after losing $10,000 on the Eagles last year (which is probably not even enough for him to get a rush honestly) but I’m sure many people will be tuned in to see who he’s going with so they can follow the Money… Okay that was a lame pun but I went with it.

What was the point of this whole post? I don’t really know, I guess I’m just astounded by how much free cash flow Mayweather still has these days.

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