Kirk Cousins’ Achilles Is Apparently Healing Very Well As He Dances Up A Storm At NFL Honors

Kirk Cousins
NFL Network

Kirk Cousins’ free-agent asking price this offseason might’ve just gone up, because the Minnesota Vikings quarterback was showing no ill effects from the torn Achilles that cut his 2023 campaign short at NFL Honors on Thursday night.

In the middle of a seemingly inconspicuous sharing of the stage with New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan, out of nowhere, dancers rushed the stage, and Captain Kirk and Jordan were fully prepared to break out into a little bit of prepared choreography.

For a guy like Cousins, a known Creed stan, I can’t say I had this on my bingo card. Busting out moves to “Pony” by Ginuwine? The Kirk Cousins? No way. As if the rocking ice chains after victories or the Netflix Quarterback series didn’t do enough for his likability, Cousins was playing the best football of his career pre-injury to endear himself even more to Skol Nation and the greater NFL community. Now he’s showing off these moves?? Come on, Kirk. You ladykiller, you.

ICYMI, Cousins was on with Pat McAfee earlier in the day, where he showed off his grisly Achilles scar. Warning: Turn away if you’re a little squeamish.

The man had never had a surgery before. All those games starting in the NFL, and he’s the paragon of durability and toughness. Cousins most definitely did not take the speed bridge approach to his Achilles rupture that Aaron Rodgers did. To each their own!

What Cousins did tonight is exactly the type of press that should happen around NFL Honors and the Super Bowl. To do a little compare and contrast to Rodgers, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson decided to hold court with the media, took the opportunity to blast his team and kicked Zach Wilson while he’s down.

Not saying. Just saying.

If Captain Kirk is no longer in Minnesota’s long-term plans as they look to the future and a massive payday for superstar wide receiver Justin Jefferson, he’ll easily be the most intriguing quarterback on the open market. For many reasons. You can’t teach leadership, charisma and wholesomeness like this. Dancing with the Stars is going to be on Line 1 for Cousins after such a graceful display. In front of many fans, no less! Heck, maybe he should take this act around the Vegas strip while he’s in town. Can’t imagine Sin City is Cousins’ typical neck of the woods. I see a lot of potential here. Post-playing opportunities abound.

I’m not the only one who’s enthusiastically embracing this new side of the multitudes-containing Cousins.

All the best to Kirk Cousins for a continued, speedy and full recovery. The NFL is a better place with him in it, healthy and playing at a high level. Words I never thought I’d type around this time two years ago. His glow up in public perception is among the most mind-blowing NFL subplots in recent memory.

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