Blake Shelton’s Trips To Hollywood Have Landed Him On List Of Top 30 Celebrities Who Use Private Jets The Most

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Oh, to have access to a private jet…

For most of us, we only know the glamorous world of economy air travel. Sure, it gets us where we need to go, and I guess it’s somewhat better for the environment in comparison, but nothing would beat having your own personal plane that could take you from place to place, whenever you want.

Many celebrities have that luxury, and a recent list that was put together and posted by “myclimate Carbon Tracker” revealed some of the high profile people that take advantage of the luxury of flying private the most. Ya gotta love being lectured by half of Hollywood on climate and the environment, only to find them on a list of the world’s largest carbon emitters. Comical…

If you are a country fan, you’ll be happy to know that there aren’t many country artists on this list. That’s because we “country folk” care about the planet, and know that a healthy planet means healthy crops, which leads to better beer and whiskey (trying my best to not make a Luke Bryan reference here).

In fact, only two country artists landed in the list of top 30 celebrities that used private jets the most, and one of them is barely considered a country music artist now anyways:

“1. Travis Scott

2. Kim Kardashian

3. Elon Musk

4. Beyonce and Jay-Z

5. Bill Gates

23. Blake Shelton

27. Kenny Chesney”

To me, Kenny Chesney being on that list is a surprise. I figured he just traveled wherever he needed to go on a wave of beach balls, cut offs, and cold beer like country music’s version of Aquaman.

Blake Shelton being on that list comes as no surprise. He wasn’t all that bad when he first entered into the country music industry, but ever since then, he’s slowly-but-surely shifted to more “pop” and “commercial” projects. And nowadays, it seems like he’s seen more as a Hollywood cornball than a country music artist. He’s put out more TV shows in the 2020s than he has music.

So it would make sense for him to have to scoot around on a private jet from project to project, and having to be a frequent visitor of Los Angeles, California. But since he bought a house there too, maybe he flies a little less these days…

Which going by “My Climate Carbon Tracker” standards, Shelton’s actions and travel translates to him hating the environment…

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