Aaron Rodgers Calls Himself The “COVID MVP” In Interview With Joe Rogan: “I Was A Two-Time MVP During COVID”

Aaron Rodgers
The Joe Rogan Experience

We haven’t heard a lot out of NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers recently, I wonder what he’s up to?

Never mind, we can scratch that. Rodgers was a guest on the most recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, which sounds about right.

There for a while, the world was getting a steady dose of Rodgers and his thoughts during weekly appearances on The Pat McAfee Show. You likely remember that those came to a screeching halt after the New York Jets QB said… some outlandish things.

Outlandish for ESPN’s standards, at the very least. You can be your own judge on the subject matter he was touching on. And Rodgers pretty much picked up right where he left off in his interview with Joe Rogan, first proclaiming the following:

“I was COVID MVP. I was a two-time MVP during COVID.”

Technically, he’s not wrong. Rodgers took home the NFL’s MVP award in 2020 and 2021, both being during the peak of the pandemic.

Most of the subject matter he’s been outspoken about actually revolves around the COVID-19 pandemic, and the science that either supports to denies how it was handled. It was the denying part that Rodgers spoke on that got him in trouble with ESPN, along with alleging that Jimmy Kimmel would be nervous if Jeffrey Epstein’s client list ever came out.

But even with all of that in the past, Rodgers continued to be confident about his outspokenness, and defended his actions when he said this to Rogan:

“I think in the end, there’s a decision. You stand for something, (and) you stand courageously for what you believe in. Or the opposite side of that is either saying nothing or being a coward.”

Following that quote, Rodgers revealed that though he landed in hot water for speaking about subjects that some might consider “taboo,” he planned to continue to talk about it because its important to him.

He explained it a little less gracefully:

“I don’t give a f**k. I’ve been able to make a ton of money playing a sport that I’m really good at, and I’m thankful for that. I have a platform. Some people want you to just shut up and throw a football, and that’s fine. But I think there has to be certain voices of reason…

I believe that what I did and what I stand for is a tough position to be in. I think its an important responsibility to continue to speak up and use my voice to give other people the permission to stand up as well.”

You can hear more about Rodgers’ thoughts on the ESPN and Jimmy Kimmel backlash in the video clip below:

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