Young Treaty Oak Revival Fans Post Up In The Front Row Of Packed Pit… & It’s Awesome

Treaty Oak Revival country music

Start ’em young, raise ’em right.

Treaty Oak Revival is having a peak moment after the release of their sophomore album, Have A Nice Day. The West Texas band captured the hearts of red dirt and Texas country fans with their debut album, No Vacancy, but has blown up on the mainstream in the last few months.

They will soon make their Grand Ole Opry debut and are selling out show after show; the commercial success of this album comes with a whole new set of ears who are falling in love with their rock/grunge twangy sound…but age on some of these new ears might surprise you at their rowdy shows.

With their songs about hookers and crazy baby mammas, one would assume that their audience starts with teenage listeners and goes up from there, but based on recent show footage, they have some DIE HARD young fans. A group of little boys and girls are clinging onto the edge of the stage in Columbus, Ohio, front and center of the venue’s packed pit.

The kiddos are in a trance from the music, belting the words of their new album’s title track, “Have A Nice Day.” If these kids are into country music, I think the future of country music fans is in good hands.

If these are not my kids, one day…I don’t want it.

@whiskeyriff These youngins know what’s good. // 🎥: @Treaty Oak Revival #whiskeyriff #countrymusic #treatyoakrevival #countryconcert #fyp ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

If you want to get into the music as much as these kids, turn up the song they are rockin’ out to.

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