Treaty Oak Revival Throws Down With Sophomore Album ‘Have A Nice Day’

Treaty Oak Revival
Treaty Oak Revival

The long-awaited second album is HERE.

Talk about being thankful the day after Thanksgiving. This is one of the greatest gifts Treaty Oak Revival fans could ask for. Since the release of their 2021 debut album No Vacancy, the West Texas country rock group blew up, and with the rise in fame comes the demand for new music.

While they delivered two singles since the album, fans were craving more. Two years later, Have A Nice Day arrived and satiated all the cravings for their twangy rock ‘n’ roll sound.

“THE WAIT IS OVER! 10 songs 2 years in the making, and we are very proud of this one.

A huge thank you to Taylor Kimball and everyone involved in making this record, and a big thanks to the fans for waiting so patiently!

Y’all are the reason we get to do this, and we love you.”

Have A Nice Day is the perfect continuation of the distinct sound that the band created on their debut album. Throughout the album, you will find heavy guitar chugs with electric drums that make you want to headbang while the lead singer, Sam Canty, rips on the microphone with his southern twang that is addicting to listen to.

With love songs like “Stop And Stare” to the ultimate f**k you break-up song, “See You In Court,” the album takes listeners on a love story that starts out with a shining future and ends in turmoil and heartbreak.

The compositions of the songs follow the love story from the electric start of the opening track to the more melancholy ending of “Chasing My Tail.”

There isn’t a skip track throughout the ten songs housed on the record. Let this one RIP today.

Check out some early favorites.

“Wrong Time Wrong Place”

“See You In Court”

“Chasing My Tail”

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