Joey Logano And Ty Gibbs Get Into Heated Conversation After The Busch Light Clash

Ty Gibbs and Joey Logano NASCAR

Guys… it’s an exhibition race…

The NASCAR season is already off to a hot start after Ty Gibbs, the NASCAR Cup Series rookie of the year last season, and two-time champ Joey Logano, exchanged some heated words after the race… the exhibition race.

Gibbs led a race-high 84 laps during the race, but a late spin out left him struggling to recover.

Logano finished 4th, but still wanted a word with Gibbs after the race, to which Gibbs motioned to come back towards the hauler. But Logano grabbed Gibbs by the shoulder and the conversation immediately turned contentious.

And remember, it’s an exhibition race…

You can hear Joey tell him “I’ll remember that” before the two part ways.

LOL… relax, Joey. It’s an exhibition race in a tiny football stadium… relax. And let’s be honest, Joey Logano is known to throw a temper tantrum anytime someone races him hard, but thinks nothing of running another driver up into the wall.

After the race, Gibbs told the media:

“I ran him up, but if you go back and look at the replay, the 12 kind of chucks him out of the way too. So, it is just hard racing there at the end.

This place is really hard to get your tires warm once the caution comes out, everyone was sliding around, so I just got in there deep and washed up into him.

We just got all tangled up after that. So he just said that to me in a bunch of different words.”

Either way… NASCAR is BACK, people.

The Cup Series season kicks off Sunday, February 18th with the Daytona 500

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