Willie Nelson Posts Hilarious Vintage Video Of Himself Handling A “Sticky Situation”

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We must not ever forget that we all share this Earth with a living legend, and that living legend is Willie Nelson.

The “Red Headed Stranger” occasionally likes to remind all of us of his greatness, as if his expansive music catalogue wasn’t already enough.

In the latest clip that Nelson shared on social media, the outlaw country star took everyone back to the 1970’s, when times were simpler and making “no statement” to the media was just as popular as it is today.

The incident in this video stems from a two year drug trafficking investigation that took place in the Fort Worth, Texas area back in the early 70’s, which eventually required both Nelson and his drummer Paul English to stand before the Grand Jury in June of 1976 after they were both subpoenaed.

A newspaper reporting on the story in 1976 said that Nelson was served at Houston’s Hofheim Pavilion on May 8th of that year, shortly before performing. The U.S. Marshals who served him allegedly stuck around afterwards for him to sign autographs.

But anyways, after Nelson and English exited the building following their time in the courtroom, neither of them had much to say, much to the liking of the lawyer that was present and deflecting drug-adjacent questions from the media located outside the courthouse.

The newscast commentary overlayed on the original video stated:

“Willie Nelson spent only about five minutes before the Grand Jury and neither he nor his attorney had much to say about the drug investigation.

Nelson’s drummer, Paul English, spent about 10 minutes before the Grand Jury and had no comment on his testimony.

During the day, the Grand Jury also handed down nine indictments, none of them relating to the drug investigation.”

And as you’ll see in the clip below, Nelson wasn’t exactly cooperating with the media, but he also wasn’t technically doing anything wrong. A classic example of pleading the fifth without actually saying you are pleading the fifth.

The hands down best moment is when Willie breaks the fourth wall, looking right into the camera and smiling shortly before he and his lawyer (and drummer) walked away:

That video by itself is entertaining, just seeing Nelson in his natural element even in the face of high-pressure questioning (I wonder what was keeping him so calm?). But it gets even better when it’s “enhanced” and posted with this message in 2024:

“How to handle a sticky situation from the original outlaw…”

When Willie Nelson’s social media put out the same video, they decided to add in some dramatic background music for the initial portion of the video, and then timed up the start of his song “If You’ve Got The Money, I’ve Got The Time” right when Willie looks into the camera like a regular Jim Halpert (The Office reference).

It’s quite possibly the best video editing I’ve ever seen:

I love Willie Nelson… and I didn’t mind Paul English’s sharp cut beard either.

If you didn’t gather what Willie set out to teach us with that video, it’s that you handle a sticky situation by smiling, nodding, answering to no one, and wearing a Canadian tuxedo.

You can meditate on that lesson while you fire up “If You’ve Got The Money, I’ve Got The Time” below:

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