Kenny Chesney’s New Song “Just To Say We Did” Is An Ode To The ‘Why Not’ Moments In Life

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Allister Ann

I’ve got a feeling that No Shoes Nation will have this one on repeat.

Kenny Chesney is now only a couple months away from the March 29th release of his new album Born. There aren’t many other country artists that encapsulate that “summer time feeling” throughout their entire catalogue, and Chesney is set to continue that signature sound with his newest project.

The timing of the album release also lines up with Chesney’s Sun Goes Down 2024 Tour, which officially kicks off in Florida in April and will travel all across the country for the entirety of the summer (No Shoes necessary, according to reports).

Born’s first single, “Take Her Home,” was released all the way back in November, and definitely leaned more heartfelt than some of “Beach Kenny’s” other songs. If the two songs were a scale, “Just To Say We Did” brings the balance back to the beach.

Chesney shared a message about the song’s release on his social media accounts, saying:

“What can I say? ‘Just To Say We Did’ sounds like me and my friends growing up, and so many people I’ve met along the way.

It’s a song where whatever it is, why not? Get out there and live, shoot your shot, do that bucket list thing – just to say you did. When you can boil down how to create real joy into three minutes that feels this good, I want to sing that song.”

And “Just To Say We Did” itself acts as a true ode to the “why not?” moments in life. Chesney works through a number of personal examples in the song’s verses about making life decisions for no rhyme or reason, and how valuable those adventures can be.

The repeated chorus drives those points home, singing:

“Just to say we did
Just to feel alive
To take a leap of faith
To feel that kind of high

Tonight, let’s turn it up, fall in love wild
And catch enough buzz to just ride them
Crazy horses runnin’ through our heads
Just to say we did”

It’s without a doubt a feel good song, which has become a common staple of Kenny Chesney’s collection of music throughout his career. As many of us tough out the final months of winter, “Just To Say We Did” could help to act as a life preserver pulling us towards the shores of summer.

I mean that figuratively of course, unless you happen to take a spontaneous beach vacation… just to say that you did. If you do happen to do that, you’ve now got the perfect theme song to pair with your experience:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock