The New York Knicks Get Roasted For Cropping NASCAR Champ Ryan Blaney Out Of Photo With Bubba Wallace

Ryan Blaney


Last night, NASCAR Cup Series Champion, and friend of the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast, Ryan Blaney was on hand at Madison Square Garden for the Knicks – Jazz game.

Cup Series driver and Ryan’s good friend, Bubba Wallace, was on hand as well, but if you paid any attention to the New York Knicks twitter account, you’d never know that the reigning champ was in the building.

Why? Because they cropped him out of the photo…

What a clown show…

For those of you who don’t quite understand what’s going on, these Twitter users perfectly explained the situation in NBA terms:

Ok, one more…

Blaney was a good sport about it, but he’s probably the chillest dude in NASCAR.

And at the end of the day who really cares? You’re the champ, you just got engaged to an absolute BEAUTY (shoutout Gianna), you’re getting PAID… and after the game, you can go to Peter Luger’s without getting bothered (or getting called Ryan Smollett).

Of course, the Twitter-verse (or X-verse?) wouldn’t let the Knicks off as easily as Ryan did.

NASCAR fans took to the comment section and roasted the Knicks for the colossal botch job on the cropped photo.

And the obligatory Bubba Smollett comment:

At least the jumbotron got it right…

And shoutout one more time to Ryan’s fiancée, Gianna.

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