Is Country Artist Nate Smith Avril Lavigne’s New “Sk8er Boi?”

Nate Smith and Avril Lavigne
Backgrid via TMZ

Talk about an emerging couple not on my bingo card for the year.

Country singer Nate Smith, who got his start from TikTok, was spotted gallivanting around Los Angeles with punk rock icon Avril Lavigne. The two look chipper hanging out together, as paparazzi saw them leaving a dinner, getting into a truck bed, and then skateboarding around a gas station.

Daily Mail reported that Lavigne was seen pulling a hoodie on as she laughed, riding alongside Smith on their skateboards. While the images appear that the two could have been having a flirty night together, TMZ quickly updated that Lavigne said the two were just friends and had no romantic feelings.

Given that neither of them had been seen until now, I suspect they could be friends, maybe seeing where things go.

I mean… they’d make a cute couple.

Or maybe 2024 is the year we get a reimagination of “Sk8er Boi,” and the two were out doing a little songwriting research…

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