Man Uses Thermal Scope To Drop Coyote That Was Attacking One Of His Sheep

farmer takes down coyote

That’s one way to handle a coyote problem.

It’s always hunting season when it comes to coyotes, especially if those wild canines are after some of your livestock. Using thermal scopes to hunt down coyotes in the dead of night has become increasingly popular in recent years, and the video below dramatically shows one in action.

In the clip, a coyote and a sheep are seen “tangoing” off in the distance thanks to a pulsar thermal scope that’s being used by the hunter as he aims to keep his sheep safe. The wild dog had singled out the livestock and had it right where it wanted it, but didn’t know that a “guardian angel” was set up a few hundred yards away.

The showdown between the sheep and coyote is made that much more dramatic as the video plays out (and you can hear the breathing of the person holding the rifle). As the two animals spin around off in the distance, the hunter waited for just the right moment to take the shot, and that opportunity finally came when the coyote stood still and the sheep was clear of the target line.

And in a blink of an eye, the coyote was down and the sheep was able to retreat to a safer place. It’s probably safe to say that the thermal scope was a great investment for the owner of the sheep.

Check it out:

Those that stopped in to watch the life-and-death situation play out on the social media video had plenty of praise for the hunter and the thermal scope they used to take down the coyote, saying:

I know the above GIF isn’t all that descriptive, but it’s one of my favorites. Plus, I’d say it’s how most people that viewed this thermal footage reacted to the coyote getting dropped and the sheep living to see another day.

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