East Texas Duck Hunters Overwhelmed By Massive Flock Of Mallards

Mallard ducks

As much as it is every duck hunter’s dream to stumble upon hundreds and hundreds of mallards coming right at you… this kind of looks like something straight from a really bad horror film.

Picture this. You’re enjoying a calm and collected early morning out on the water duck hunting with your buddies. Next thing you know, you start to hear a ton of mallards off in the distance. The sound keeps getting closer and closer, so you shine your light in the direction it’s coming from…

And you realize HUNDREDS of mallards are swimming directly towards you.

This wild scenario actually happened for duck hunter Dennis Loosier, AKA “Dr. Duck.” Loosier, who is based out of East Texas, recently shared a video of hundreds of mallards swimming closely together while on some public hunting land with his buddies.

Loosier recalled the scene in an interview with Outdoor Life:

“I’ve been blessed to witness a lot of waterfowl, and a lot of big numbers. So, when you see something like that it’s pretty special.”

He said it all went down around three or four in the morning when he and his first group first saw the gigantic group of mallards.

With the cold temperatures in Texas recently, most of the water in this area was frozen so Loosier speculates that this large group was just trying to find some soft water… with the limited supply this flock just got bigger and bigger.

Just take a look for yourself:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock