Nick Saban Getting Wrecked On A Boogie Board Goes Viral After Fans Wonder About His Retirement

Nick Saban in the ocean
Kristen Saban Setas

Congrats Alabama fans! Turns out that Nick Saban may be retired, but he can still work very closely with the tide… just probably not the Crimson Tide of Alabama.

The 72-year-old Nick Saban is likely trying to find ways to enjoy retirement, and we know of one way that he’s liked to spend his free time in the past. He shocked the college football world when he announced he would be stepping away, and now after three weeks of retirement, football fans are wondering what the legendary coach might be up to.

Saban suggested that it was his age that really played a factor in his retirement decision, so I wonder if he’ll be weary of returning to one of his favorite hobbies outside of sports: Boogie boarding. It’s possible that all the 7-time national championship winning coach is worried about now is how he’s going to catch the next big wave to shore on his state-of-the-art boogie board (don’t know that for sure, just assuming).

The longtime Alabama head coach has always been a fan of the rolling tide, though most of the time, it was just a chant that echoed through Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This video from a couple of years back goes to show that Saban literally loves to roll with the tide, if you could give that much credit to his boogey boarding skills.

When trying to make a board “boogie” so to speak, you really want to get on the wave just as it begins to crest. In the footage below, Saban waits a little too long to dive in, and ultimately gets knocked down and around by the wave rather than riding on top of it.

It’s a classic beginner boogie boarder mistake. I’m guessing with his busy life as the greatest college football coach the world has ever seen, he didn’t have a lot of time to perfect the art of the boogie board. Now though, it can only go up from when this video was taken, and I hope that the public gets some future Saban boogie board updates from time to time so we can track his progress.

Because judging by this video alone, he’s still got some work to do:

Also, I can’t wait until ESPN sits down with Saban for another exclusive interview where the former Alabama head coach finally admits he retired because he wanted to focus on a professional boogie boarding career.

Honestly, I wish he would have just said that from the get go. Imagine the headlines that would have been spinning if Saban would have gone with that story initially:

“Saban Leaves The Tide To Join The Tide”

“The Ocean Is Calling: Sea Recruits College Football’s Biggest Coaching Name”

“Surf’s Up! Alabama Down A Head Coach”

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