Drone Captures Incredible Footage Of A Merlin Falcon Ready To Attack

merlin falcon

As annoying as hearing the unmistakable high pitched whine of a drone can be, they’ve sure given us some incredible wildlife footage over the years.

From sled dogs attacking a grizzly, to a moose dropping its antlers, to a shark hunting a seal, drones in the wild can pick up scenes that are very rarely seen by human eyes, although sometimes the animals being filming don’t much like the intrusion of their privacy.

Remember the alligator that snatched one right out of the air?

Well now we get to see a different animal launch an attack at a drone, this time a few hundred feet in the air.

A photographer and blogger named Jonathan Caliguire took a trip to Alaska in 2022 and used his drone to capture some incredible landscapes of The Last Frontier. Check out one of those shots below.

Well, he recently went back to review the footage from that trip and noticed something that previously slipped by.

While filming a mountain backdrop behind what looks like a warehouse, one of the local raptors took note of his drone and began swooping in for a closer look.

The Merlin Falcon didn’t much like the drone encroaching on its airspace and make a beeline for the drone, seemingly ready to attack before putting on the brakes at the last second, but the frame by frame pictures captured in the video show the pure majesty and intensity of the falcon in all its glory.

My goodness, I’d love to get my hands on some of those still shots. Vertical wings? Eyes dialed in? That would make one heck of a screensaver.

Jonathan, if you read this have your people contact mine.

What an incredible shot.

If you’re interested to learn more about Merlin Falcons, here’s a quick video.

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