Drone Captures Insane Battle Between Young Grizzly And Pack Of Aggressive Sled Dogs

dogs attack bear

The phrase “strength in numbers” usually rings true, that is unless the numbers are up against a feisty bear.

Anytime another animal picks a fight with a bear (and it’s not that often), they are getting into a battle of attrition and endurance. Bears of all types are known for their ability to run, travel, and fight over long periods of time, and this brown bear was definitely willing to tango for as long as it needed to when a pack of dogs, looks like Alaskan Malamutes or possibly Alaskan Huskies, descended upon it.

It’s unclear if these dogs are wearing radio collars for hunting purposes or if they’re sled dogs, but the way they went after the bear, you’d think this wasn’t their first rodeo. Usually you see hounds used for bear hunting in places that allow it, however in cold places like Alaska, I could see why snow-friendly breeds would make more sense. I think it’s pretty rare to run dogs in Alaska as the colder temperatures and snow make it somewhat harder for them to pick up scent but I’m not too familiar with bear hunting up there.

Anyways, back to the video… beautiful drone footage captured this wildlife encounter from a bird’s eye view, which had to be the safest way to observe this showdown. No one in their right mind would have wanted to be anywhere near these animals as they got into an all-out brawl, so a drone was the perfect way to shoot this once-in-a-lifetime footage.

The bear is constantly switching back and forth between playing offense and defense, knowing that its vitally important to conserve as much energy as possible as it takes on the five attacking dogs. For the most part, the bruin is trying to distance itself from these pups, and only lunges and runs at them when it feels it is extremely necessary.

Untouched snow is quickly disturbed by a flurry of footprints from the dogs and the bear. The winter wonderland setting is almost ironic considering the brutal acts of nature that are playing out in the glistening white snow.

There are multiple getaway attempts throughout the video by the bear, but none of them are successful. The dogs stay right on the bruin’s tail, and make sure to swoop in and attack when they feel like the bear is getting away.

Time and time again, the dogs surround the brown bear, though the bear always counters with a “sit and spin” defense mechanism. It sound simple, yet it is extremely effective, and never allows for any of the dogs to flank the brown bear.

We don’t know who comes out of the snowy battle victorious, though it doesn’t look particularly great for the bear or the dogs at the very end of the video. The bear appears to have one of the dogs right where it wants it (in its paws and jaws), but honing in on one of them allows for the rest of the pack to start ripping away at other parts of the bear’s body.

It’s one hell of a battle, and we’re fortunate that a drone was able to capture it all:

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