Drone Captures Insane Footage Of Shark Hunting A Seal

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, keep me away from the ocean.

It’s a fish eat fish, shark eat fish world out there and the last thing I plan on doing is being a meal for one of these beasts.

Sharks are some of the most notorious predators in the ocean. Widely researched based mainly on the fact of how friggin’ cool they are. They’re killers with natural instincts to only survive in the unforgiving ocean.

One of their favorite meals is a seal. Most human attacks happen because a shark mistakes us for a seal especially when on a surf board or something similar.

Sharks patrol areas where seals live constantly. However, seeing cool footage from the ocean is somewhat rare. I mean, it’s hard to get a constant source from animals that live underwater, so far out of our natural environment.

But thanks to drones we can now get a bird’s eye view of these sea predators hunting.

The researchers here find a couple sharks swimming off the coast and start to follow them around. As one begins to move closer to shore they zero in on it.

A seal hops out of no where and the shark takes off in a fast sprint.

Game over, just like that…

It looks like something out of a movie as the blood spreads through the water.

At least it was a quick death.

Nature man, nature.

Shark Steals Fish Right Off Fisherman’s Line

That’s some bad luck.

I mean, it’s about as cool as it gets in a way, but losing a nice fish especially to another animal always hurts a bit.

It wouldn’t be the devastation of it just getting off your hook and you wondering what you did wrong for the next hour. But, it would still hurt.

The ocean, it’s a place of the unknown and unexpected. The more time you spend there the more wild stuff you will witness. For me, I’m good… when I’m in water I feel like a fish out of it. A shark would have its way with me everyday of the week.

Having one come this close is pretty wild.

This group of fishermen in Australia were out for a day of fun when one of them hooked into a nice Spanish mackerel. He has a good fight with it but gets it right into the boat. His buddy goes to gaff it but misses so the fish takes back off for a short run.

Just as he gets it back reeled you see a shark appear quickly, starring right at the fish. It takes off and gets a few quick bites in taking the fish right off the line.

If they hadn’t had missed the gaff the first time it would have been in the boat.

But, then again you wouldn’t have a story this good…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock