Power Ranking Chris Stapleton’s Love Songs To His Wife Morgane

Chris and Morgane Stapleton country music
Andy Barron

My First Lady of Country Music.

Morgane Stapleton, married to eight-time Grammy winner Chris Stapleton is the muse behind some of his greatest songs.

While Morgane is a talented songwriter, I thought it would be fun to visit a few tracks she inspired. There is no greater gift than a love song, and with Chris’ voice behind the tracks, these songs are indeed the gifts that keep on giving because we, the listeners, have lyrics we can belt out that project a love most spend years wishing for.

And yes, I am still in a puddle from Chris, dedicating his last album to her.

Without further ado, here are my power rankings of the best love songs Chris has written for Morgane.

“Loving You On My Mind”


Off Stapleton’s 2017 record, From A Room: Volume 2, this is a classic Stapleton love song. Showing that love is worth the weight of the world when it’s with the right woman. With Morgane’s voice on the backing vocals, you can hear the passion in each of their voices as they sing about their one-of-a-kind love.

“I got a woman with eyes that shineDown deep as a diamond mineShe’s my treasure so very rareShe’s made me a millionaire…”

“I Think I’m In Love With You”

“Weight Of Your World”

Some might not see this as a lovey-dovey song, but I think this beautifully outlines the highs and lows of being in a partnership. It highlights the hardships of bearing each other’s emotions, and while sometimes love isn’t easy, they wake up and choose each other daily.

“Give me your darkest hourGive me your deepest fearJust give me a call and I’ll be hereGive me the bars and chains that won’t set you freeGive me the weight of your worldAnd lay it on me…”

“When I’m With You”

“More Of You”

“I fall more in love with youThan I’ve ever beenFrom the moment you wake me up‘Til you kiss me goodnightEverything that you doIt makes me want more of you…”

“It Takes A Woman”

This beautiful song is about how the right woman can make you feel even more like a man. The complex harmonies and the union of Morgane’s voice with Chris bear so much emotion. While Chris sings of how Morgane is the ultimate woman for him, it takes a man to pull down the rough and tough walls to sing with vulnerability like this.

“It takes a womanA woman who sees the best part of meThrough all that I amIt takes a womanOh, it takes a womanTo be all I can, to feel like a man…”

“The Day I Die”

Off of Stapleton’s newest album, Higher, this song stuck with me since the first listen. While this album is filled with love songs, the heaviness of these lyrics about how deeply he feels love for Morgane truly brings me to tears with nearly every listen. The lyrics telling the story of a man who will never be able to move past love this deeply until he is in the ground is beyond moving.

“When my heart stops breakin’When my eyes won’t cryWhen there’s a day I can live without you, babyIt’ll be the day I die…”

While the country music collective hopes and wishes for a solo album from you one day, we thank you for being your husband’s muse so we can enjoy songs like these.

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