Parents Of Chiefs Fan Who Froze In Backyard Believe Their Son Was Drugged & Taken Outside: “He’s A Scientist… He Concocted Something”

Kansas City Chiefs

Yesterday, we were hit with the shocking news that three Kansas City Chiefs fans, 37-year-old David Harrington, 38-year-old Ricky Johnson, and 36-year-old Clayton McGeeney, were found frozen to death outside of their friend’s rental home on January 9th, two days after they had gathered to watch the Chiefs play the Chargers.

Perhaps the most head scratching part is that Jordan Willis, the friend who was inside the house, allegedly had no clue that his friends were still there, and had been sleeping for the past two days.

However, a fifth friend who was there that night tells a different story. Before he left around midnight, he claims that all four of them were on the couch watching Jeopardy, meaning that all three of the deceased were alive and inside the house at midnight.

Nevertheless, Willis still claims that he had no clue his friends hadn’t left, and he had only received messages from the friends on Facebook Messenger, with no texts or calls while he was sleeping inside the house.

The strange part, however, is that McGeeney’s fiancée and Johnson’s mother had contacted him via text.

It’s an incredibly odd situation, and very shady on Willis’s part.

With that being said, Ricky Johnson Sr., the father of Ricky Jr., is fully convinced that Willis was responsible for the deaths, and has a theory to go along with it.

According to Fox News, he believes that Willis, who is a respected HIV scientist, drugged his son and the two others and left them out to freeze.

He told the outlet:

“I believe he drugged them, dragged them outside and waited two days to call the police. He (Ricky Jr.) may have done some drugs and stuff in the past, but I do not believe all three of them did drugs and fell over dead in the backyard.

I’m not going to say that during a game he didn’t have some drinks. But he wasn’t irresponsible that he was going to go outside and freeze to death. You’re talking about three grown men. If he was out there just freezing like they said, he could’ve kicked out a window to get into the house.”

Johnson’s mother, Norma Chester, agreed:

“Seriously, these were responsible men. How do they go in a backyard and freeze to death, all three of them?

Something that comes to mind, this guy (Willis) wants to brag about how smart he is, he’s a scientist. My thoughts are that he concocted something and gave it to all three men. How could this have happened?”

The Kansas City Police Department has already come out and said that they don’t believe foul play is involved, with Willis’s attorney John Picerno calling the accusations “baseless allegations:”

“That’s ridiculous. He’s a scientist, and somehow he’s to blame? That’s an opinion not based in fact.”

Picerno also added that Willis and the deceased were all very close friends:

“There’s no allegation of any animosity between Jordan and his three friends. People want to speculate, (but) it’s not like anyone ever called the police saying, ‘We’re afraid of this Jordan guy.’

I understand that people are hurting, but that’s no excuse to throw baseless accusations at Jordan.”

I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but everything in this story is so bizarre. If the three guys were locked out, they could’ve easily found a way to make entry into the home. Not to mention, all three guys are from the area, and would probably not step outside in freezing weather without the proper clothing.

Hopefully we get answers as the story continues to develop.

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