Charley Crockett Debuts Title Track To New Album, “$10 Cowboy,” On Late Night TV

Charley Crockett country music

Jukebox Charley on late night TV.

He announced yesterday that his new record titled $10 Cowboy will be out everywhere on April 26th, and last night, he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and performed the title track for the first time live.

Written by Billy Horton, “$10 Cowboy” is a strong start to this new project, as Crockett sings about living a cowboy lifestyle and all of the unique aspects of what that really means.


It’s no secret that the Texas native has carved out his own lane in country music, with a unique blend of country, blues, and soul, along with some Cajun and Tejano influences, which has allowed him to be a unique and distinct artist with a sound all his own.

He has put out 12 studio albums over the last 10 or so years (not including live albums and EP’s), and tours constantly, taking his very distinctive brand of country music all over the world.

Of the new project, Crockett says that most of the songs were written at truck stops, casinos, and alleys behind venues across the country:

“This material is written at truck stops, it’s written at casinos, it’s written in the alleys behind the venues, it’s written in my truck parked up on South Congress in Austin.

A ramblin’ man like me, a genuine transient, is in a pretty damn good position to have something to say about America.”

Crockett adds that being out on the road as much as he is has given him a perspective on America and the struggles that so many face every single day:

“Being out on the road gives you a first-hand experience of how different kinds of Americans see themselves as going through some kind of great struggle.

The roughneck working the oil and gas fields in West Texas. The single mother raising kids by herself. The young man working a street corner because he thinks it’s his only option.

I would be dishonest if I said I couldn’t see the thread. Each of ‘em feel invisible. I am struck by the battles they are fighting internally, and the ways they have been entrapped by what America says they are.”

Crockett recently teamed up with country icon Willie Nelson for a song called “That’s What Makes The World Go Around,” which will more than likely be featured on the $10 Cowboy tracklist as well.

You can watch last night’s performance here for a taste of the new album:

“That’s What Makes The World Go Around”

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