“We Were Throwing Beer Bottles At People” – Travis Kelce Compares Bills Fans To Growing Up In Cleveland

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NFL tight end and Taylor Swift boyfriend may have gotten himself into some trouble with this one.

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has mainly managed to stay out of the limelight for any reason besides his high profile relationship, which I’ve got to say is rather impressive.

With as much as he’s been interviewed this season, and put out there himself on his popular podcast New Heights, you would think that he would have slipped up at some point…and he just might’ve with this soundbite.

What Kelce said during his most recent media availability wasn’t the worst thing he could have said, but it is probably enough to act as “bulletin board material” for the Buffalo Bills, who Kelce and the Chiefs face off against on Sunday.

Everyone is looking forward to the Buffalo Bills taking on the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend, and that apparently includes Travis Kelce himself.

He told the media that he was actually a huge fan of Buffalo’s fanbase, and then downplayed the Bills Mafia by saying he was familiar with their shenanigans:

“It’s Bills mafia man, that’s their home field advantage. That’s why it’s…I’m sure the guys love playing for that fanbase.

I grew up in Cleveland man. We were throwing beer bottles at people, so that’s a hostile environment.”

Comparing Buffalo to Cleveland? Will that be enough ammunition for the Bills to post up in their locker room?

It’s common knowledge that Cleveland, Ohio kind of sucks, so the Bills Mafia and the Bills team itself might see that as negative enough of a comparison to use to their advantage.

Kelce went on to say he was excited for the game, and explained why home field advantage doesn’t matter all that much:

“Ready to get after it. Buffalo, cold, playoff game? Doesn’t get any better baby. Instead of (focusing) on it being a road game, because everyone’s played on the road, it’s more so in the playoffs that we take it up a notch from the Wild Card weekend.

The playoffs, everything just kind of speeds up as you go along in the playoffs. And that, I think, is more important. To stay focused, understand your assignments a little bit more, so you can go out there and play as fast as you possibly can.”

Sounds like a lot of “football talk” to me.

But if you are a sports fan, you know that it doesn’t take a lot to get opposing teams fired up. We’ll see if the Bills Mafia and their team come out on Sunday night a little more aggressive than they normally would have been to show Kelce that Buffalo isn’t Cleveland.

Kelce’s time with the media can be viewed below:

Cue up the “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video,” an early YouTube CLASSIC:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock