Chris Stapleton Used To Ask His Wife To “Write Songs” On Friday Nights As An Excuse To Have A Date

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Well, this might just be the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

It’s well-known that Chris Stapleton and his equally talented wife, Morgane, are a package deal, and she pretty much tours with him year-round assisting with beautiful harmonies and backing vocals.

I have always hoped she’ll put out her own country album one day, because we need it, but I digress…

She’s also featured on his albums, is the mother of their five children, and an all-around badass who keeps everyone in line… she sounds like my kinda girl.

It’s easy to see how he fell for her, and more so how they fell for each other, and Chris recently sat down with journalist Alison Bonaguro for a lengthy feature in Cowboys & Indians Magazine, where he spoke in-depth about their relationship.

The two met while working for the same publishing house in 2003, and Chris says that he’d often ask Morgane if they could write together on Friday evenings… never on a Tuesday afternoon or Thursday morning, during most people’s normal working hours.

Obviously, I think he had other motivations aside from writing a hit song, and was clearly taken with her immediately.

And honestly, that’s a pretty slick move by Mr. Stapleton, and I can only imagine Morgane was quite flattered by the gesture and knew exactly what he was up to:

“She would make the joke that I’d ask her to write songs at 8:00 on a Friday night. And she wasn’t wrong. Some things are electricity. Sometimes you just know those things intuitively about who your love interest is.

You can’t explain those things. There’s an electricity to it. I think when people talk about lightning striking this way, it’s not really like a bolt. It’s more like a buzz. Those are the things that happen that aren’t really explainable.

And then one day you wake up 16 years later and you’re like, ‘Okay. I still feel kind of buzzed.’”

I mean, I typically hate the term “relationship goals,” but if I feel like that’s a fair assessment here. How dang cute are they? I’m obsessed…

He went on to say that almost 17 years after their wedding in October of 2007, they’re just as in love as ever, which is extremely impressive considering that they do pretty much everything together in terms of work, living and raising kids together.

No doubt, it’s a very special relationship, and country music is certainly better off for it:

“We don’t necessarily remember it not being that way. From a work standpoint, we’re a married couple. And like anybody else, we might be getting on each other’s nerves or something.

But if we’re away from each other for more than two days — because we do work, live, and raise children together — on the rare occasion we’re apart, we’re sort of like teenagers. We’re like, ‘I miss you,’ and, ‘I miss you too.’ And that’s a really sweet and wonderful thing.”

They’re just pure magic together, and I’m so glad we’ll get to continue to be blessed with great music from these two for years and hopefully decades to come.

And if you still need to see it for yourself, I’ll leave you with their stunning performance of “Where Rainbows Never Die”:

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